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Occupational Therapy In Action

Updated: May 16, 2022

What does occupational look like in action?

Earlier this month we talked about what the term "occupation" means and what Occupational Therapists do. Now, I want to highlight what OT looks like in action with real clients.

Charlotte had not been out in the community since before COVID when she had her knee replaced. She loves going to art museums and to the mall. She really wanted to get back to these things but felt nervous to navigate community environments on her own. She is also now using a cane which is new to her.

Our OT sessions started with short outings and practiced tasks like getting the grocery cart, managing curbs, and unloading groceries. We worked up to the more difficult tasks like the escalator at the mall and the Van Gogh exhibit.

Client A stopped his volunteer activities since COVID and has noted that he has been weaker. We have been working up to getting back to his volunteer activities. He struggles with his balance and has difficulty managing his walker while doing tasks like getting gas. Our occupational therapy sessions have included problem-solving these issues and working on his tolerance to getting back to volunteering. Other sessions have included practicing driving to the pharmacy, grocery shopping, and an assessment of driving-related skills.


“My wife, Pat, has Parkinsons Disease.

She is an artist and has not painted for the last few years due to the disease.

Jenny Williams has been providing Occupational Therapy to Pat. In her quest to provide not only physical body improvement but also better quality of daily life, Jenny showed up at our house one day with painting supplies and encouraged Pat to try to paint.

Pat is now painting again and improving each time she does it.

The smile on her face when she paints says it all. "

Audry found herself weaker than she used to be and wanted to get back to her usual activities. Our OT sessions have focused on short community outings, an exercise routine, and working up to going to the library and grocery store. She is feeling stronger each visit.

Occupational therapy helps you be able to do the things you NEED to do, HAVE to do, and most importantly the things you WANT to do.

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“Occupational therapy practitioners help people live life to its fullest-no matter what. They provide practical solutions for success in everyday living and help people alter how they arrange their daily activities to maximize function, vitality, and productivity.” Florence Clark, PhD, OTR/L, FAOTA

-Jenny Williams, OT

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