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My Favorite Kitchen Gadgets

Five gadgets to improve your safety in the kitchen.

Cooking is such an important daily activity. Eating healthy meals can improve your health and wellness, but as we age cooking can become challenging. Health conditions like arthritis can make many activities in the kitchen challenging. Not to mention, after years of cooking, you might be sick and tired of being in the kitchen.

However, the right kitchen tools can make your kitchen jobs easier and save you valuable time and energy! See below for my favorite kitchen gadgets.

Tip #1 - Lightweight cookware

This might be a controversial recommendation. There is a lot of talk about Teflon, anti-stick coating, and cooking surfaces. While these factors are important, it is also important to consider feasibility. I LOVE to cook with my cast iron, but it is also so heavy and time-consuming to clean. When I rush or feel tired, I grab my favorite super lightweight, nonstick pan.

My favorite lightweight nonstick pan is The Rock crepe pan

Tip #2 - Oxo good grips peeler and measuring cups

Did you know that the company Oxo Good Grips company was created by Sam Farber when he noticed his wife Betsey was having trouble with her vegetable peeler due to arthritis? He was inspired to design a line of kitchen tools to benefit everyone and started with a peeler. Pretty cool! You can read his story here. I do love this peeler.

The entire line of Oxo Good Grips products is helpful. I love the measuring cups. They are lightweight, easy to pour, and have a great handle that is easy to hold.

Tip #3 - Under the cabinet jar opener

This jar opener has to be mounted under your cabinets. But because it is mounted, you don't have to hold it like you do other jar openers. I find this to be the easiest way to open tight jars. It can be easily installed with just a few screws under any wood cabinet. It can be found on Amazon for approximately $22.00.

Tip #4 - Bagel slicer

Slicing bagels is the most common cause of kitchen injuries. There is even a term designated for this type of injury. A Bagel Related Injury (BRI) is a common cause for ER visits daily. Even pre-sliced bagels can be difficult to separate. Check out this bagel guillotine on This handy gadget takes the risk out when slicing your bagels.

Tip #5 - Jar opener

Opening jars can be a daily struggle for people of all ages. There is nothing more frustrating than not being able to open a jar that you need and having to wait for help. This electric jar opener takes the stress out of opening those tight/pesky jars.

In closing

Beware of ineffective kitchen tools.

Most people have a habit of holding on to kitchen tools well past the point that they are effective. I think everyone has that measuring cup that is cracked or the vegetable peeler that takes twice as long to do the job. I challenge you all to take stock of your kitchen supplies and consider replacing those tools that are not working well for you.

Energy is a precious resource. Having the right tools in your kitchen can save time, energy, and reduce pain. These recommendations barely scratch the surface of tools that can improve your efficiency in the kitchen. If you are having trouble with your daily kitchen tasks reach out to your OT.

Thanks for reading!

Jenny OT

Jenny Williams, OTR/L, OTD, CAPS

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